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Bernalillo Academy is a 63 bed sub-acute RTC for boys and girls 4 to 17.  We specialize in the treatment of Autism, including children that are non-verbal, and children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and other Emotional and Behavioral Disorders with IQs as low as 50, whose behaviors significantly interfere with success in their home, school and community life.  Bernalillo Academy provides 24 hour on-site nursing care, and intensive and comprehensive psychiatry by four child and adolescent trained psychiatrists.

Licensed therapists provide individual, group and family therapy and training.   Children at Bernalillo Academy also have access to Pet Therapy and Trauma Informed Therapies in a Trauma Informed milieu. On-site educational services are individualized for each child and provided by Special Education teachers that are licensed and certified by the state of New Mexico.

Bernalillo Academy has a strong behavior treatment team led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with Registered Behavior Techs. Bernalillo Academy provides Functional Behavior Assessments, Verbal Behavior Programs, Positive Behavior Support Plans, Adaptive Skill Building Programs, Social Skills Teaching, Individualized Behavioral Treatment and Self-Management Training, Sensory Integration and Intervention programs, toileting programs and feeding programs.

We have trained milieu staff who provide a trauma-informed, therapeutic environment. We provide structure and consistency, while working on treatment goals and educational goals. We run individualized schedules and have myriad group activities.

Many children at Bernalillo Academy have complex medical issues and dietary requirements.  Bernalillo Academy employs a Licensed Dietitian to develop all menus, individualized for each child’s needs (including food allergies).  A Heart Healthy menu is provided to all children. We serve three hot meals a day, provide three healthy snacks a day and children always have access to fruits and vegetables throughout the day, if they are hungry.

At Bernalillo Academy hablamos Espanol for Spanish speaking children and families.  Our student handbook for families is translated into Spanish as are our on-line Referral Form and our admissions forms.