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Clinical Services

The purpose of our program is to provide intensive services in a safe, structured environment to those children facing the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Developmental Delays who have not found success in less structured settings or through services provided in their home community. Bernalillo Academy provides regular support in the form of individual, family and group therapy and milieu groups that serve as the framework for achieving emotional, social, and developmental goals.

All Bernalillo Academy Master's level Therapists meet all state and local licensure requirements. Every child is assigned his/her own personal Therapist who will work with him/her throughout his/her stay at Bernalillo Academy. Bernalillo Academy's clinicians utilize their unique skills to deliver individual, family and group therapy sessions. Our Therapists are available for parent support and communication throughout your child's stay. As with all aspects of the Bernalillo Academy program, the efforts of your child's therapist are aimed at fostering the skills and growth required for success in school, at home and in your community. The therapists work as part of the child's comprehensive treatment team that includes Bernalillo Academy staff, family members, nurses, psychiatrists and educational staff. Your child's treatment team will work together to create a comoprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment plan that will be reviewed each month with you.

  • INDIVIDUAL: Your child will receive scheduled individual therapy sessions with his/her therapist which may include but are not limited to use of music, art, sand tray, and traditional play therapy. Your child's therapist will discover which techniques work the best with your child to help your child reach his/her individualized treatment goals.
  • FAMILY:Bernalillo Academy believes a child's long term success is dependent on the inclusion of their family in the therapeutic process. With therapeutic support parents will learn new techniques to support and maintain their child's new behaviors and communication skills upon return to their home, community and school.
  • GROUP: A variety of groups are lead on each unit to help the children develop coping skills, daily living skills/self-care, physical wellness, social skills, leisure skills and other necessary skills. These groups are also designed to meet needs of the specific children in the milieu.