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Behavioral Services

At Bernalillo Academy, treatment strategies begin at admission and focus on each child’s challenging behaviors and the developmental issues that significantly interfere with their ability to participate in their community, school and family in a safe and meaningful way.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the scientific basis of our behavioral programs. ABA is a science that involves using modern behavioral learning theory to modify behaviors. Data-based decisions drive the development and on-going evaluation of programs to ensure significant and meaningful progress is being made.  Utilizing this approach focuses on reducing and/or eliminating undesirable behaviors, allowing for more positive and socially acceptable behaviors that lead to productive relationships and the development of new skills.

ABA treatment is intended to bring your child to a desired level of functioning that leads to their successful reintegration into your family, school and community.  You and your family will be taught the same procedures and strategies we use so you can provide consistency and predictability for your child when your child returns home.  This will help you help your child retain the new skills and behaviors learned at Bernalillo Academy and will give you the tools to teach your child to develop new skills as he or she grows and changes.

Our programs are individualized to fit your child’s special and exceptional needs. Your child’s treatment may include 1 on 1 intensive teaching of functional language skills, self-care skills including toileting programs, social skills, school-readiness skills development, play skills enhancement, and feeding programs for picky eaters.  A Board Certified Behavior Analyst provides supervision over the development of comprehensive Behavior Support Plans based on ABA concepts and procedures necessary to teach new skills, enhance the quality of life and ensure the safety of each individual child in our care.