Pet Therapy

We are happy to welcome Billie Jo Crouse, and her very special Star Sapphire who provide Pet Therapy for the children at Bernalillo Academy

‎Billie Jo and Sapphire

Billie Jo has lived in the East Mountains in NM for over 19 years.  She has 40+ years working professionally with children and adults as a professional.  She has worked as a Special Education teacher, Licensed Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Illinois, California and New Mexico.

In addition to her many years of counseling children, adults and families, Billie Jo has always loved animals.  In 2012, Billie Jo adopted Star Sapphire, her beloved companion dog as a comfort pet for her husband Dean in their home and later in an assisted living center and for other organizations New Mexico.  Billie Jo is the owner and handler of Star Sapphire who is a certified Therapy Dog with the Warm Hearts network in Albuquerque.

As a retired psychotherapist, Billie Jo says, “I am aware of the special connection between those who may have trouble – for whatever reason – expressing themselves and an animal/dog that understands and somehow is able to care unconditionally for them”.

In collaboration with Bernalillo Academy, Billie Jo and Star Sapphire provide pet therapy for the children in treatment at Bernalillo Academy.  The children and the staff look forward to every visit with Billie Jo and Star Sapphire!!!

child and Sapphire