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From a Mom who was getting ready to enroll her son at Bernalillo Academy

“Thank you so much for going through all (my son’s) paperwork so quickly and trying to get him in over there. Having him at (Bernalillo Academy) means so much to us right now. I cry every time I think about him leaving home again, but I know that this is where he will get the best care. We feel like we have done everything we possibly could by ourselves, but we can’t do this alone anymore. He needs more help than ewe can give him at home and at school right now. (Our son) is a very special boy, and we feel like he will be treated that way at (Bernalillo Academy). Again, I thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and getting the ball rolling so that (my some) can get started over there. It really means a lot to us. I automatically felt comfortable with you and knew that this was the right place for (our son). It was very important for me to feel that way before agreeing to send him there. He is my baby, and I need to know that he will be receiving the best care possible. So, thank you.”

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