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From a Dad about staff at Bernalillo Academy who had two sons treated at Bernalillo Academy

“We appreciate (Therapist) knowledge and experience with children on the autism spectrum, especially Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder (ASD). She has shared resources (e.g. books and theories) and has encouraged the use of tools (e.g. checklists) for (our son’s) eventual return to our home. We have been impressed with her perception and ability to access a situation and change accordingly. She was willing to “shift gears” when our son’s progress indicated a change in the course of his therapy (e.g. shift from TFC placement to coming home). She has always been generous with her time, granting additional therapy time when we needed to talk. We are especially grateful for the time she has spend with our younger son, to explore his feelings and answer his questions about his brother and ASD.” Regarding the Psychiatrist at Bernalillo Academy ….“We are grateful for the professional knowledge and guidance given to us by (Psychiatrist at Bernalillo Academy). His recommendation to discontinue the medications that (our son) had been taking for many years was a challenge to our way of thinking. Dr. Whit was successfully able to eliminate all the medications that (our son) had been prescribed. We were completely amazed at the improvement in our son’s demeanor and attitude. It has made a dramatic difference in how our son now relates to his world. We are very grateful to (Psychiatrist at Bernalillo Academy) for his wisdom in advocating the elimination of medications and for accomplishing that goal” Regarding the staff at Bernalillo Academy: “Staff members were always courteous to us and caring, professional, and friendly to our son…we have been very pleased with the staff, including the nursing staff and administrative staff…our son has made extraordinary progress…He is confident of the coping skills that he has learned.”

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