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From a Mom who was getting ready to enroll her son at Bernalillo Academy

“Thank you so much for going through all (my son’s) paperwork so quickly and trying to get him in over there. Having him at (Bernalillo Academy) means so much to us right now. I cry every time I think about him leaving home again, but I know that this is where he will get the best care. We feel like we have done everything we possibly could by ourselves, but we can’t do this alone anymore. He needs more help than ewe can give him at home and at school right now. (Our son) is a very special boy, and we feel like he will be treated that way at (Bernalillo Academy). Again, I thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and getting the ball rolling so that (my some) can get started over there. It really means a lot to us. I automatically felt comfortable with you and knew that this was the right place for (our son). It was very important for me to feel that way before agreeing to send him there. He is my baby, and I need to know that he will be receiving the best care possible. So, thank you.”

From a Mom after her son had returned home after treatment at Bernalillo Academy

“Hi all, I wanted to update ya on how (my son) is doing. First of all, I hope you are all doing GREAT☺. (He) is doing an amazing job! I’m so proud of him and he has told me he’s proud of himself, which is wonderful to hear him say. He’s doing wonderfully in 3rd grade, getting really good grades and his teacher seems really pleased with his progress. In fact, on his most recent report card, she noted he’s “made great progress both academically and emotionally” and went on to say how he’s matured so much and now accepts responsibility for his actions. He’s got his moments of course, but he manages them amazingly well, and they are fleeting. He’s gained so much confidence and seems much more empowered. He has chores and gets an allowance; this helps him in his practicing to count coins (which he hasn’t bee fond of til now haha because he gets to keep the coins after). He says he ‘feels more like a grown up’ because he used some of his allowance to buy himself a Blizzard at Dairy Queen yesterday. ☺ He’s excelling at reading and is above grade level in that. He’s also calmed so significantly that he’s able to stay in class and he’s making great progress in his math, now doing multiplication and I’ve been working with him at home too, to reinforce what he does at school. I enrolled him in Tae Kwon Do for a few months and now he is interested in being on the school basketball or football team when he’s a bit older, so we’ve been practicing his throwing and catching, and he’s practicing his Touchdown dance…he’s FAST☺ The City parks and re here has lots of great programs and he’s done swimming with them in the past I plan to get him in again this upcoming summer. I’m getting him enrolled next week in a class where they teach the basics of the biggies: football, baseball, basketball and soccer so he’ll be more ready for a team later. I can see this increasing his confidence and coordination and helping him remember to keep his cool and channel frustration into something creative and fun. He’ll get to make new friends too. It’s so amazing to sit and talk with him. He’s so clear-minded and full of questions on everything. It’s awesome. Sorry to go on and on ☺ you all have touched our lives in one way or another so I like to update from time to time. I feel like each of you has contributed to his successes. Hope ya’ll don’t mind me sharing☺ Thanks sincerely to ALL of you for caring so much about (my son).”

Email from a Mom after her child was discharged and was enrolling in the school in their home town

”Thank you for getting me in touch with (my son’s Therapist) to set (his) meeting up for success today. It was an involved meeting with 15 participants but very worth while. We have a great plan in place for (his) start here in the (Public) School. If you need me to fax his IEP that was created today (to show proof that a plan is in place for his start here), let me know where to fax it and to whose attention…Thanks again for connecting me and on such short notice. It was excellent to have (my son’s therapist at Bernalillo Academy) participate by phone conference this morning. Talk soon.”

A letter from a Mom whose child was being treated at Bernalillo Academy

”I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your positive attitudes, and support for (my child), myself, and our family.  You have taken my son under each of your wings and treated him as your own, as a mom, it is comforting for me to see this. I know that you have a challenging job, but know that what each one of you brings to the table, in the job you do, is a blessing to the lives you touch.  Bringing my son here was the toughest decision I have ever had to make as a mom, and when I go to leave him in your care, I sit in the parking lot in my car and cry, but then I think of the people he is with, and I have confidence in the hands I have left him in, and then I am ok to go home.  So I just wanted to thank you for all that you do!  Thank you so very much! P. S. Pocket Kisses!”

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