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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child bring their own blanket and toys?

Yes, your child can bring their own pillow and blanket and can have up to five toys in their room. This prevents clutter in the children’s rooms and you are welcome to purchase new toys during your child’s stay.  Your child’s therapist is your contact for toys and personal belongings.


Can I visit anytime I want?  

We have scheduled visiting hours daily throughout the week.  Any visits outside of visiting hours can be arranged through your child’s therapist, in an attempt to best accommodate your schedule.  Just like we have a structured daily schedule, we have scheduled hours so that the therapeutic process isn’t interrupted, and this allows for more consistency for your child.


Can I call my child every night?

Every evening there is scheduled phone time where your child will be able to call you.  We have the children call home due to the limited phone lines and number of students that need to make calls.  We encourage phone contact with you and your child.  We know how important it is for your child to hear your comforting voice and for the family to be able to hear your child’s voice, too.


Will someone let me know if my child gets hurt?

Absolutely. You will be called by nursing regarding any incidents that involve your child.


What kind of meals will my child eat?

A nutritionist develops and approves the menu of food choices that are provided for the children.  Specialized diets and feeding plans will be accommodated and developed on an as needed individual basis.  All meals are "Heart Healthy".


My child has trouble sleeping through the night.  Is that OK? 

Of course it is.  Many children have a difficult time sleeping.  There are staff constantly monitoring throughout the night and will do what they can to make your child feel comfortable. 


Who do I contact to find out how my child is doing?

Your child’s’ therapist will be your best point of contact.  Alternative contacts will be provided to you at the time of admission. 


How long do kids usually stay at Bernalillo Academy?

We are willing to provide services as long as your child needs them and meets criteria for continued treatment.


Can I talk to my child’s teacher to find out how he/she is doing?

Yes, of course you can.  The teachers are onsite Monday through Friday and arrangements to meet with them or talk to them can easily be made.